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CCTV Security Camera Systems
Intruder Alarm Systems
Access Control Systems
Intercom Systems
Long Range Wireless Microwave Data Transmission Systems

With the rapid development of High Definition digital security cameras and recording systems, as well as significant developments in technologies like night vision, IP network connectivity, offsite cloud recording, and integration with other security technologies – security camera systems have become a major tool in the fight against property and personal crime. They are also an important addition to an organisations staff, stock and general management programs. As a standard most systems give you the capability to remotely connect and view via the internet both Live and Recorded footage on your mobile devices, phones and laptops.

On-board video analytics is an area that is also rapidly developing. Till very recently the realm of only our very high end systems, we are now looking at the introduction of security camera onboard analytic features that have huge application in commercial and retail environments. Some of these features include …

  • LPN – Vehicle License Plate recognition.
  • Body temperature detection
  • Facial recognition.
  • Multi path people and object counting.
  • People and object tracking analytics.
  • Line crossing detection.
  • Loitering detection.
  • People gathering analytics.
  • Fast movement detection.
  • Parking detection.
  • Unattendance detection.
  • Object/space time frame detection.

IP network connectivity of systems allow for the seamless integration of  Access Control, Building Management systems, Intruder Detection systems etc – into one comprehensive monitoring and management platform.

Whatever your requirements, Surveillance Systems Australia can provide your business or organisation with a customised security camera system that will exceed your expectations in quality, functionality and affordability.


A well designed and properly installed Security Alarm system is your frontline defence against unauthorised intrusion and burglary, and is integral to any organisations security and crime prevention plan. It will minimise intruder’s time onsite and damage to your property when a break-in does occur. We offer our clients a range of products and tailored solutions to suit all situations and budgets. These include …

  • State-of-the-art technology detection devices – indoor and outdoor.
  • Multi Area systems
  • Wireless hardware
  • Perimeter and external electronic beam devices
  • 24/7 back to base monitoring
  • IP/GPRS/GSM offsite monitoring systems
  • Self monitoring by your mobile phone
  • Smoke and Fire Detection systems
  • Commercial, Industrial, Residential


No longer the realm of just large buildings and organisations, Access Control systems allow for the control and management of staff and visitor movement throughout your buildings and premises … giving you full and managed control over who goes where, when and why.

Systems can be as simple as a single door controller, through to hundreds or thousands of doors and thousands of staff or personnel. Log reporting gives you the capability to track all movement both in real-time as well as past movements.

With the addition of Door Card Readers, Biometric Fingerprint and Retina Eye Scanners, radio and Bluetooth wireless key fob controllers, and remote IP network control – very comprehensive systems can be built and managed.

IP networked systems give you the ability to monitor and control multi sites in various locations from the one central location.

The true benefit of Access Control systems lies in their ability to be integrated with other technologies – namely CCTV Security Camera systems, Intercoms, gate release units, etc – to provide large and powerful complete seamless building management systems.

Coupled with access control, Intercoms play a huge role in screening and confirming the identity of visitors before they are given access to your premises. They are another important tool in your total security program. Modern intercom systems can be a combination of Audio and Video, hands free, with wall mounted flat screen displays. They can interface with your access control system to open gates and doors – and like security camera systems they can be IP network based so that you can receive calls on your phones even when you are away from your premises or home.

Surveillance Systems Australia are specialists in designing, installing and servicing Intercom systems in multi-level, multi apartment buildings and complexes


For applications where conventional cabling between security cameras and NVR recording servers is not possible – such as sites where there are remote standalone buildings a long way apart, or the linking of several remote locations into one seamless networked system that may be up to 20km apart. Ideal for high performance, outdoor, multi point-to-point applications where high bandwidth data transfer and low latency performance is required. Ideal for the wireless transmission of multi High Definition camera streams, or high bandwidth data transmission.

Other applications include distribution of WiFi and internet connectivity, VoIP communications transmission, IP access control management, control management systems, etc. Proven hardware provides years of trouble and maintenance free wireless transmission.