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Loss Prevention

Surveillance Systems Australia has had extensive experience in combating loss and theft in many different organisations and industries. Virtually all retail businesses experience shrinkage or losses to some degree either through shoplifting by customers, or internally by staff … or from both! Generally, in excess of 85% of all losses are internal or staff theft. This may range from what is regarded as petty theft of office stationery – through to considerable and regular theft of cash and stock items. Generally the larger a business and more staff are employed there, coupled with the product types and lines they are dealing with, then the risk and incidence of internal theft increases.

There are numerous other factors that can also contribute to the incidence and extent of shrinkage and losses experienced:

  • Systems in place for stock and inventory tracking and control
  • Management procedures and practice
  • Age and experience of staff
  • Cash transaction procedures and systems
  • Store layout – customer entry exit points and positioning of displays in relation to POS areas
  • Policies implemented in dealing with incidents of theft by staff or customers

If you would like to discuss any issues or concerns that you may have with shrinkage or losses in your organisation please feel free to contact us for an obligation free and confidential discussion. 


“101 Ways to Reduce Shrinkage, Staff  Theft and Shoplifting in Your Business.”

  • The 4 main areas of Retail Shrinkage explained
  • How to identify and stop existing employee theft.
  • Customer service procedures to reduce shoplifting.
  • How to recognise shoplifting risk areas in your business.
  • Motivate employees to report internal theft.
  • How to introduce simple procedures that will drastically cut stock and inventory losses within your business.
  • How to ensure that all Loss Prevention procedures are followed by all employees.

Plus much, much more! 

This book has been written from over 17 years experience in Retail Loss Prevention in WA. Let us show you how to stop shrinkage, shoplifting and staff related theft in your business right now, and increase your bottom line profits.